A period of being very skittish & fearful of people

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Sarah is a miracle worker. My English bulldog Sal was going through a period of being very skittish and fearful of people, which was a total surprise to me. He had been heavily socialized as a puppy but at approximately 14 months of age suddenly became fearful and wary of strangers. This was particularly troubling because everybody wants to meet Sal. I know I am his owner - but he is abnormally cute. He went from a "happy go lucky" pup to a lunging and aggressive adolescent. Six weeks later under the tutelage of Sarah he's back to being a gentleman and I am regaining my confidence bringing Sal into environments where he is meeting and greeting strangers. We still have a little ways to go, but we are definitely on the right track with the goal of Sal graduating a therapy dog. He has a good soul and makes everybody he meets very happy. 

- Tim, CT

Intuitive, Creative, and Thoughtful


Just when we were at wit's end with our adorable but rambunctious labradoodle puppy, Ace, we found Sarah, and we are eternally grateful to all she brought to our family! She is intuitive, creative, and thoughtful--she listens carefully, observes keenly, and swiftly and effectively transformed our puppy's behavior AND our behavior. Sarah brings an ideal balance of love and positivity mixed with clear boundaries and expectations--she empowered us to adore our puppy and lavish him with love and praise while also teaching him to follow rules and behave appropriately in our home.  Sarah was brilliant at incorporating our three kids into Ace's training regimen and making it a playful and fun.  She tapped into the energy and motivation that our kids brought to Ace's training and gave them special responsibilities and "games" to teach Ace.  We all loved our sessions with Sarah, most of all Ace who could barely contain his excitement every time she walked in the door.  We thank Sarah for our loving, harmonious, fun-filled dynamic with Ace!


Emily Stern, Greenwich  

A Calm and Optimistic Attitude

We were incredibly lucky to have found Sarah! I have rescue dogs who have a challenging mix of strong personalities. My dogs immediately responded to her and adored her endearing ways. I have so much fun working with Sarah and especially appreciate her high energy, positive reinforcement methods, as well as her easy to understand commands and explanations of dog behavior. She took on our difficult situation with a calm and optimistic attitude, which in turn gave me hope and encouragement! I highly recommend Sarah to all of my dog friends and can't wait to work with her again! 

- Sarah Koch & family

A Dogsend!

Sarah has a remarkable way of relating to dogs and owners both. We started with Sarah when our puppy was a rambunctious three-month-old, and in a couple of months, Sarah has helped transform our interaction and training with our puppy into a positive, constructive, fun, growing experience. Sarah's approach is pragmatic, uses common sense, and she has the wisdom, instincts, and appreciation of the unique relationship between each pet and the family. Sarah taught us the basic importance of the puppy's regular sleep routine, how to use the proper vocabulary and intonation, and the consistency of commands. Sarah is both insightful and passionate about our dogs and the roles they play in our lives.  

Sarah Hodgson is a godsend and
a dogsend!

Each session with Sarah brings new realizations to us, and uncanny progress with our puppy. We feel so fortunate to have Sarah working with our family. - P & L

Live, Love, Learn!

Photo Credit: Christine D.

Photo Credit: Christine D.

There is NO other teacher for pets like Sarah Hodgson! She is the nutty- pet-professor you have longed for in your dreams!


After meeting Sarah in 2014 during a difficult time, including a challenging relationship with my partner’s Bichon Frise pup, Sarah reassured me that my new family would be an awesome family. I cannot thank her enough for her care, kindness, and wisdom.  Her advice has always felt humane and heartfelt with each and every observation.


Sarah has the unique gift of being all at once sharp-witted and keen, yet warm and empathetic to the quirkiest of pet-rearing needs.  She takes her work seriously and our time together was well spent.   I listened to her advice, and was successful in many ways with her practical tips. But mostly,, Sarah taught me to love my pup and let go of my resentment!


I’m not a “dog person” but after working with Sarah Hodgson, I learned that my little Bichon named Lily is an integral part of my family! With each new challenge I am less and less angry and more open to the unconditional love and affection my dog gives to me each and every day. Lily has boundless and unlimited love for me that I am now able to recognize and return freely.


Thank you Sarah! You have given me the tools to be a great Dog Mommy and I love you for that!


Christine D. – Pound Ridge, New York


Sydney Smiles

We called Sarah before we got our new puppy as we knew that WE would need a lot of training before our lovely Goldendoodle arrived.  Sarah was very helpful in anticipating and planning a routine for our dog that fit into our family life - boundaries for the dog, what supplies to buy, how to manage the feeding and walking schedule, as well as invaluable training tips to get us started.

Photo Credit: Christine M.

Photo Credit: Christine M.

 We signed up for Sarah’s Puppy Kindergarten class and were so impressed with the immediate results we had.  With consistent reinforcement at home, Sarah gave us the tools that we needed to ensure our puppy was safe, happy and well behaved.  And the socialization that the class atmosphere provided was great.  Sarah answered all of our questions thoroughly and until we felt comfortable with a new puppy in the house.


- Christine M. 

Greenwich, CT

Say hello to Brownie, the Labrador from India!

Photo Credit: Saloni K.

Photo Credit: Saloni K.

I live in India where not all dogs are appreciated.  We have a pretty big street dog population and it's a problem over here.  People don't always understand just how much I love my dog.  

So when I started to have a problem with my dog's barking at the window and acting angry when people came to visit I needed to find someone who not only understood how much I loved my dog but who could also help me solve my problem fast.

I liked the approachability I felt when I visited Sarah's site.  Her blogs made sense and I noticed she offered Skype sessions so I filled out my form and asked if she did international consultations! 

I've already done three Skype sessions with Sarah- first to address the barking, but also my Brownie's leash pulling and rough play with other dogs.  Her suggestions work and her words make me feel empowered instead of hopeless!

-Saloni K. 

Mumbai, India

Meet Shane! Best. Goldendoodle. Ever.

Photo Credit: Linda H.

Photo Credit: Linda H.

Hi Sarah,
Just a quick note to thank you for all your help with Shane.  He is almost the most perfect  7 month old golden doodle!  The classes were great in helping him socialize with other dogs and learn his manners, and there is a big difference in our walks now.

Your visit to our house and assessment on him  at home ( moving him out of his crate)  has been a total game changer  - especially at bedtime.  As you suggested, we tether him near our bed and he goes to sleep the same time as we do and wakes up when we wake up.  He is happier and so are we!!!  

You have made a big difference in our house with Shane and we thank you very much.  

-Linda H

Stamford, CT

Photo Credit: Linda H.

Photo Credit: Linda H.

Tried A Different Trainer, But Came Racing Back!

Many, many years ago we took group dog training lessons with Sarah. Our two very different dogs (an exuberant Lab and a reserved Chow Chow mix) happily learned the basics of canine good citizenry. We were very pleased with the results.

We moved away from Sarah’s home base and as always happens, time took our beloved and well-mannered (thanks to Sarah!) dogs. When we adopted a new dog, we decided to try a well-known local trainer. Over the course of three sessions, he made fun of my husband’s New Jersey accent, told me my dog thought I was a jerk and demonstrated a “leash correction” that actually hurt my elbow. We apologized to our dog and never went back. I missed Sarah.

When I learned that she offered Skype sessions, I signed up. Compassionate, funny, effective — she took us through the simple steps needed to understand and guide our dog down the road to civility. It was a relief and a pleasure.

Just because someone hangs out a shingle and says they’re a professional, don’t make assumptions. Do your research. Check out Sarah’s credentials, books and website. Her philosophy shines through. She’s a true pro.

-Maureen C. , RedHook 

Tesla Welcomes Dad Home

Tesla is my first puppy and I have been overwhelmed. I raised two children and falsely assumed a puppy couldn’t be that different. Boy, was I wrong. I first met Sarah several years ago when she came to the house to help with my son’s rescue dog. She worked miracles in one short session. So it was a no brainer to call Sarah when my husband I rescued a puppy. Tesla, the puppy, and I enrolled in Sarah’s puppy kindergarten.

There, Sarah works with Puppies and their owners to learn how to encourage good behavior and resolve some of the many frustrations that are common to puppyhood. These include chewing, house training, nipping, jumping, etc. At the last class, I mentioned that my puppy, Tesla, just didn’t seem to like her mat. Sarah said to just keep trying and made some suggestions, but I didn’t have high hopes. I was also worried because my husband was coming home from rehab following an operation to insert a rod in his thigh. Needless to say, he isn’t too steady on his feet. Lo and behold, when the three of us got home that day, Tesla immediately went to her mat and my husband settled in with out incident. It’s been relatively smooth sailing ever since. (She is still a puppy!)

I cannot say enough positive things about Sarah Hodgson. She loves every animal – and their owners. She doesn’t “teach” or “preach”. She has fun with you and your dog and in the process both you and the dog learn the tools you need to live together, happily and stress free.

Sarah Wise Miller


A Gift for the Whole Family!

Write here...

Write here...

Working with Sarah has been a gift for our whole family. Her personalized lessons, simple solutions, and direct, practical demonstrations have helped our puppy develop into a wonderful companion and playmate, and all her online resources (not to mention the books) meant that we were never at a loss between lessons.


Although we have graduated from puppy training, we will certainly be keeping her number and her website at our fingertips, for any questions that arise!

Smoochie Poochie

Sarah your knowledge and book smarts about dogs in always spot on.  You
spend time getting to know the family and the dog;  that makes for the
most successful outcome. The best part is, your training techniques make
sense.  You pull all of the pieces together to create a balanced home.
Finn is already showing signs of improvement in our house and we know he will be the protector we want but also the welcoming dog we need!  We
can’t thank you enough.

From Shy to Happy


Sarah has trained not 1, not 2, but 3 of our dogs. And the reason why we love Sarah is that she really does “get” dogs, so each of our dogs was helped in just the right way.

Nugget, pedigree Golden Retriever, learned to love you without knocking you over.  Hershey, a pedigree Rottweiler, learned to think: “Oh, that person at the other end of the leash is really the one in charge.”
Shaina, our newest addition, came up from a Mississippi shelter, and suffice it to say that her original foster parents named her “Shy- Shy.” Sarah knew just what to do to bring Shaina out of her shell and into our hearts.

When dogs talk, Sarah really does listen.

~Loretta — Somers, NY

My boy Leroy, in a whole new light

When my dog started growling at other dogs in the neighborhood I thought I was going to have to take him back to the shelter. Then Sarah showed me how he was just confused about his role–that his growling was actually a sign of being unsure of what he was suppose to do. In one 90 minute session, Sarah helped us learn how to walk him in town – around other dogs and people – and resolved his jumping issues, too. I never dreamed it would be so easy to have a better life with our dog. And all in one session. Wow!

-Moira and Luke, in New Paltz

Confidence Boost

After we got our German Shepherd puppy “Harley” she started puppy kindergarten with Sarah. Harley was very unsure of people and needed socialization and boundries. With Sarah’s guidance, we were able to open her up positively to people and teach ourselves we are not the sheep but the Shepherds! Harley graduated most improved, and we were given skills that we will take with us forever. Harley recently graduated from Sarah’s grade school class, and is such a wonderful improved family pet. Sarah is ALWAYS available to answer our questions or listen to our concerns, and we truly enjoyed as a family (my husband, myself and our 10 year old son) participating in her classes. We look forward to starting High School classes soon! We cannot thank Sarah enough for all she has taught us, she truly is an amazing gifted individual. I would recommend Sarah’s guidance to anyone, with a dog/pup of any age.   

Nicole M.- Yorktown NY

Fantastic Trainer!

Sarah Hodgson is a fantastic dog trainer and a pleasure to work with. When I became the owner of a big black Newfoundland named Bear I knew I needed to find the right trainer for him. He was the runt of the litter and so the last to be sold but my whole family fell in love with him. When we picked him up from the breeder he was nine months old and 80 pounds and had never been off of the farm on which he was born. Consequently, he did not know how to walk on a leash or other basic
commands such as sit and heel. I got in touch with Sarah after having a bad experience with one of the popular dog training franchises. My dog was terrified of the trainer. I didn’t trust him with Bear and the methods he used were uncomfortable to watch. He didn’t seem to have Bear’s best interest in mind. The first time I saw Sarah approach Bear I knew it was a perfect match. She took a genuine interest in him and taught me how to practice commands with him. She explained exactly what Bear needed to work on and showed us the activities that would help with that. She also only used positive reinforcement, which we particularly appreciated after our previous bad experience. I saw a difference in Bear’s behavior after one session. Sarah provided all the guidance necessary to give Bear a very happy life. She has a unique and creative style, and throws herself into her work. She’s friendly, down to earth and it was easy to schedule appointment around my very busy life. I would recommend Sarah to anyone who loves their dog and wants them trusted like part of the family.

~Erin N.

Thank You!

Sarah – I wanted to send you a huge thank you. Our Kaia is a different dog in just 2 days. We have a long way to go, but it’s all working and having a measurable impact. I never expected so much from just one lesson. The kids are so much happier now!

Sweet Bella Jane

Bella jane.jpg

I only wish I’d known to call Sarah when we welcomed our first dog 13 years ago. This second time around I knew just who to call! Sarah was so amazing with Bella, our black Lab puppy. We started private lessons right away and that was the perfect thing for both me and Bella. Sarah gave me the confidence to know that I could train and teach Bella. Bella would just melt and do whatever Sarah wanted and that showed me that I could get Bella to respond in the same way to me. All of Sarah’s “tricks” and ways work with Bella, from commands to products to use, she knows just how to relate to dogs and get them to want to behave. She’s magical! She is a dog magnet. I can’t stop recommending her to everyone and anyone I know and meet who tell me they’re getting a new dog or need to teach an old dog new tricks.

Endless Knowledge!

After reading Sarah’s book “Puppies for Dummies” and learning Sarah and I lived in close proximity, I was determined to meet her.

After conversing a bit through email, my family and I had the pleasure of meeting Sarah in person prior to our puppy arriving from the breeder. That meeting was the best experience for our family as we were all well prepared for the puppy’s arrival. The things we learned are endless!!! Having Sarah before the puppy arrived worked best for us as there were no interruptions and we could focus on exactly what Sarah was teaching us.

Sarah is a fountain of information and knows her stuff inside and out. We have implemented her teachings into our everyday lives and we have a well-behaved puppy. There is nothing better than a well behaved puppy.

I would highly recommend anybody who is getting a puppy have Sarah come to your house to teach everyone how to care for a puppy.

Thanks again Sarah for everything. You are an amazing person.

Housetraining Simplified


I first heard of Sarah through a friend who recommended her for my new Maltipoo puppy, then a month later my veterinarian recommended her when I brought up housebreaking frustrations. I was nervous about using a dog trainer as I thought it would be a lot of corrections and we love our Bosco boy so much! I was thrilled to meet Sarah–not only did she help us housetraining him (almost overnight) but she was great with my husband, daughter and our older dog too! She brought us together– “team puppy,” she called it and the urine smell is gone just in time for the holidays!