A Few of My Favorite Things!

As a pet-obsessed mom of a multi-species household, I'm always on the lookout for tried and true solutions to everything related to dogs and their people. Below you'll find a collection of products that have helped me and my clients!

I'm not paid by any of these companies to promote their products, but since I enjoy and use them, you deserve to know about them too! 

Toys & Treats

Parents work hard to make the home a happy, safe place for their babies or kids.  Your home, yard or familiar park can be equally fun and exciting to explore. Familiar play makes both kids and parents feel included, calm and happy. Rewards are a great motivator no matter your species! Dogs enjoy play and learning as much as kids do.  Before you shop for toys use the tips in the Discover Your Dog’s Passion article on my Huffington Post blog, the pull out your credit card and charrrrggeeee it! Whether your dog likes to sniff, chase, fetch, jump or chew you’ll find plenty of toys and games to keep him busy the whole year round.


Bones, Chews & Pacifiers

Food, Supplements & Bowls


Leashes, Harnesses, ID Tags & Collars

When parents take kids out in the world beyond, they keep a close eye. Until they’re older, parents hold hands or offer undivided attention to ensure their precious ones don’t get lost or confused.  

Dog and puppy parents make the same effort using leashes, collars and tags to keep their dogs safe in unfamiliar places or around unfamiliar people.  Here are some of the products I suggest to keep a comfortable hold on your dog now matter when you’re tethered side-by-side.

Lessons & Learning, Problem Solving

Kids starting learning from books and experiences the minute they exit the womb. Mom is good, Dad adores me, life is good.  Parents are eager to jump-start their education, flashing cards and pounding the alphabet before their kids out of diapers. Learning is addictive whether you’re the student or the teacher.

As a dog teacher I never tire of witnessing my student's “A-ha” moment.  It’s thrilling!  From a simple “Sit” to “Come” or a  “Roll-over” here are some of my favorite tools, treats and tricks of the trade. 

Health & Wellness

Health can never be underrated no mater what your species.  Finding a veterinarian you’re comfortable with is the first step to ensure your dog’s long-term well-being.  Look for a hospital that is clean, welcomes your questions and—above all– makes your pet feel safe and acknowledged.  Too much unaddressed fear makes for a bad experience.  Bring treats, toys and a mat to help your dog find his happy place no matter where you go. 

 Below are a few products I use to keep my dogs in good condition between their visits.

crates, Gates & Enclosures

When a young baby starts to move you keep an eye on them, providing toys and playing games to keep them occupied and having fun.  Too much unsupervised freedom can lead to merry mischief making! 

New dogs and puppies are curious too!  In my book Modern Dog Parenting I talk about creating zones- a free play space using gates, a supervised play area, a sleep area-using a crate or gated space to create a crib-like resting spot, and a potty space-using a pen to focus your dog on papers or an area outside.

      FTC Disclaimer: I am a professional dog trainer, and I receive compensation via Amazon for the products on this page, should you purchase them. We test each product thoroughly and are independently owned. The opinions expressed here are our own.