A Few of My Favorite Things!

As a pet-obsessed mom of a multi-species household, I'm always on the lookout for tried and true solutions to everything related to dogs and their people. Below you'll find a collection of products that have helped me and my clients! Before you shop for toys use the tips in the Discover Your Dog’s Passion article on my Huffington Post blog, the pull out your credit card and charrrrggeeee it!



Treats, Clickers & Dispensers

Modern parents know attitude is everything. When encouraging kids to cooperate, they listen to the professionals who say that positive rewards offer the best results. To potty train a toddler, or get your eight year old to do his homework or your tween to clean up her room? Tokens or treats result in speedy cooperation, whereas punishment ends in resentment and resistance. Although naysayers may argue that treats become addictive, it’s not so. Eventually, habits form and kids grow up. Don’t you think it’s better to have a kid who cooperates cheerfully, than one who resents your control?  

Dogs are the same way! Since all dog training is, is teaching a second language have treats ready & encourage your dog the instant he cooperates and listens. Tell your dog what to do, not what not to do! Reward listening and you’ll have a dog who looks to you with eager expectation versus one who tunes you out!


Toys, Balls And Interactive Games

Parents work hard to make the home a happy, safe place for their babies or kids. Your home, yard or familiar park can be equally fun and exciting to explore for your dog! Familiar play makes both kids & parents feel included, calm and happy. Dogs enjoy play and learning as much as kids do. Rewards are a great motivator no matter your species! Whether your dog likes to sniff, chase, fetch, jump or chew you’ll find plenty of toys and games to keep him busy the whole year round.


Bones, Chews & Pacifiers

Meltdowns at the grocery store, yelling while you’re on the phone with a client, spitballs tossed at the family dinner table: all parents can relate. Whether needy, frustrated or simply bored, children will act up whenever their needs aren’t met. Professionals have shown that routines and motivational rewards are the best way to navigate from morning to night.

Your dog-child goals are identical. Sure, some of the distraction toys are made of edible materials (after all dogs fidget with their mouth instead of their paws) but the end result is the same. If your dog is active with something that pleases him, his acting out will diminish. Find a selection of bones, chews, busy toys and pacifiers that keep your dog occupied when you’re too busy to entertain her! 


Crates, Enclosures & Car Safety

When a young baby starts to move you keep an eye on them, providing toys and playing games to keep them occupied and having fun.  Too much unsupervised freedom can lead to merry mischief making! 

New dogs and puppies are curious too! In my book, Modern Dog Parenting, I talk about creating zones- a free play space using gates, a supervised play area, a sleep area-using a crate or gated space to create a crib-like resting spot, and a potty space-using a pen to focus your dog on papers or an area outside.



Grooming - From Brushes to Everyday Health and Hygiene

People take lots of time to brush, floss and stay clean. Parents start teaching their kids these habits day one! It’s no surprise that one of the questions I’m asked often is what do dogs need?  

  • While excessive bathing can lead to chronic skin conditions and a dull, dry coat, a monthly routine of bathing and nail clipping is a good habit. 
  • Preventive parasite protection is another monthly must.  
  • Your brushing and grooming schedule will depend on your dog’s coat and shedding cycle. 
  • Teeth brushing is important if your dog doesn’t have regular access to hard bones that he/she enjoys chewing. 


Leashes, Harnesses, Collars, and Tags

Parents use all sorts of restraints to keep their kids in check until they’re old enough to comprehend directions and danger. The why is obvious — no on wants their baby hit by a car, lost or confused. Dog-parents should also be mindful of keeping their puppy or dog safe from harm and wandering.

Leash training can be a positive experience for dogs. Teaching your dog to walk on a loose leash doesn’t have to be a shoulder yanking, heel digging exercise that ends in barking and frustration. Whether using a long line, retractable leash, or tether, leashes can help condition your dog to listen both on leash and off!



Tech & Other Fun Stuff

Technology is going the way of the dogs! Miss your dog or puppy when you’re out? We’ve got something for that! Is your arm tired from throwing too many tennis balls? Check - we've got something for that too! Need a 'fitbit' to make sure your dog's gotten his daily exercise ration? You’ll find that here too.  Peruse the latest and greatest gadgets that will help you and your dog live happily every after! 


Shop To A Specific Dog Problem

Who doesn’t love buying presents for their littles? And if that present can solve a problem, all the better! Much like potty training targets and skill-building games for the two-legged kids, there are lots of fun, toy-based solutions for your fur babies too. 

I’ve chosen the best of the best and organized them according to your need. All are well made, effective and Sarah-approved. 

      FTC Disclaimer: I am a professional dog trainer and receive compensation via Amazon for the products on this page, should you purchase them. We test each product thoroughly and are independently owned. The opinions expressed here are our own.