SPEAKing gets my tail wagging!

Whether inside or out, talking to grown-ups, retirees or kids, I'm happy to custom-tailor a speaking topic or lecture for your group.

  Tischman Pet Photography

Tischman Pet Photography

  • Some talks are targeted to a specific age or dynamic, but most can be adapted to any group.
  • Lectures vary from 30 minutes to day long seminars.
  • Interested in a topic that you don’t see on the list? Work with me to develop a customized presentation.
  • Lectures include handouts, materials, and Q & A period.



Popular SPEAKING Topics

Modern Dog Parenting. Nowadays, even the scientists are talking: dogs have more common with children than wolves.  Based on the fresh and modern approach to raising dogs outlined in my book, Modern Dog Parenting, this lecture teaches you how to love your dogs and live with them too.

When Dogs Talk. Let me help you demystify the language of dogs with a cheerful look at canine communication.

Breedology. A novel approach to inspiring cooperation and facing conflicts, within the family setting or at the workplace, by relating human personalities to dog breeds.  Using dogs as a positive model of different-but-same will encourage people to explore their needs, interests and personality traits, while learning to be more accepting of others. No two breeds can think alike, but each shares insights that can inspire the other.  Considering everyone's dog type helps us develop greater self-awareness and insight into how best to deal with everyone from a barista at the coffee shop, to a disgruntled boss, co-worker or employee.

Raising a Fear Free Dog. Dogs, like children, respond, condition and socialize to people, places and things. Learn the signals of fear and anxiety and how to shift any situation from stress to comfort.

Finding A Love to Last a Lifetime. Excited to find your forever dog?  Temperament testing, lifestyle considerations and more.

The Home-Alone Dog. How to keep your dog safe, happy and engaged when you’re away from home all day.

Ain’t Misbehaving. What seems like bad behavior is just your dog talking in the only language she knows!

Kids and Dogs: Constant Companions or Sibling Rivals? Teach your kids to respect and care for your dog…and vice versa!

Dog Park Etiquette and Safety. Tips and hints for a great day. What to bring, how to stay safe and have fun.

The Good Life? Why do pampered dogs roll in poop and eat roadkill? How often should you bathe your puppy?  Why does your dog bark every time you leave her alone? A fascinating look at our contrasting perspectives!

Shelter Adoptions. Shelters are bursting with worthy, lovable dogs; in this lecture you'll discover how to find yours!

Dog Bite Prevention. Think aggressive dogs are evil? Aggression is a situational response to fear, anxiety and stress (FAS). Any dog can bite. Learn how to spot, prevent and manage aggressive reactions in your dog and any other. 


Be Dog Safe! Putting a fun spin on teaching kids how to be safe around dogs! 

Fun Games and Cool Tricks. Safe, kid-friendly games and training techniques that are fun and inspiring no matter your age!


Veterinary Staff Lecture. As a Fear Free board member I'm excited to bring the new age of Modern Dog Science to your professional staff.  Customize your lecture to any topic from ensuring your patients look forward to every visit to handling aggressive, shy or reactive dogs.  


Custom Lectures. Give me a call and let's customize a lecture for your group.

“Sarah is a great person, a fun speaker, and a good teacher who always puts a positive spin on her topic.”
— Kristen Mauro, CVPM Hospital Manager VCA Veterinary Referral & Emergency Center #735 Norwalk, CT