Head Start Puppy Program

Your puppy’s brain develops 80% by four months of age!. The pros call it the critical period, and there is no better way to describe it!

Inspire a lifetime of love & learning by starting the socialization process early, allowing your puppy to grow into a dog that is comfortable & confident in all situations.

New parents are excited to share their baby with the people they love and, eventually, the world they know.  Babies respond differently depending on their age and personality. Some are calm, others nervous or excitable and friendly.

Your new dog or puppy will be the same. The easiest time to socialize your dog is when she is little (under six months of age). 

  • When socializing your new dog or puppy, she will long for, look at, and follow anyone who acts calm and self-assured. Enter you!  
  • At home, teach your puppy words like “Watch,” “Back,” “Sit,” “Down,” and “Come,” then use these words to redirect your dog in new situations.
  • Use food, Happy Talk, and toys to reward your dog’s cooperation & link strange noises, unusual sights, and unfamiliar dogs and people with happy thoughts!  



  • Potty Training & Problem Solving
  • Word Lessons
  • Sleep Training
  • Socialization
  • Conditioning to Lifetime Goal, e.g. Therapy Dog
Sarah has a remarkable way of relating to dogs and owners both. We started with the Head Start Puppy Package when our puppy was a rambunctious three-month old, and in a couple of months Sarah has helped transform our interaction and training with our puppy into a positive, constructive, fun, growing experience. Sarah’s approach is pragmatic, uses common sense, and she has the wisdom, instincts and appreciation of the unique relationship between each pet and the family. Sarah taught us the basic importance of the puppy’s regular sleep routine, how to use the proper vocabulary and intonation, and the consistency of commands. Sarah is both insightful and passionate about our dogs and the roles they play in our lives. Each session with Sarah brings new realizations to us, and uncanny progress with our puppy. We feel so fortunate to have Sarah working with our family. Sarah Hodgson is a godsend, and a dogsend!
— P & L