When you find out you’re pregnant, you get nine months to get ready! It’s a lot of time to plan and prepare. Getting a dog is as important a decision for a lot of people. Start to plan and prepare for your a new dog or puppy the moment you decide YES!  

Pre-Puppy Preparations

People-parents really enjoy creating a happy home for their families. They decorate, choose new paint colors, and set up the nursery long before bringing baby home. From the moment of mobility, safe places are proofed for exploration and toys are positioned for easy access. A cheery, stress-free home leaves everyone feeling good.

Do the same for your new dog or puppy! Use a washable mat to create a cozy dog zone in the rooms you share and organize toy baskets so your puppy knows where to look when urge strikes. Buy a food bowl and water dish and strategically place them in the kitchen so your dog won’t be underfoot when you’re cooking. Here are some other essentials to purchase for your new dog:

 Gate, pen, or crate enclosure

 Washable dog mats

 Collar and tag

 Drag lead and long line

 Walking leash

 Soft grooming brush


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