Start Up Puppy


Start Up Puppy


Love your puppy but not sure what to do next? Adore your new baby, but feeling a little trapped?  Let me help you before the exacerbation or resentment creeps in!  

During this 90 minute session, we focus on your life and what you're hoping for your relationship.  Mindful of your goals, I'll sculpt a schedule and training routines to ensure the habits you enforce now will last a lifetime. 

This puppy consultation will guide you through many common training and behavior frustrations, including:

  • Potty Training & Problem Solving
  • Word Lessons
  • Sleep Training
  • Socialization

Hopeful?  You're headed in the right direction: it only takes one to change a relationship.  To get started with me take a moment to fill out this form.  

* The puppy session may be followed with Private Lessons or a Head Start Puppy Program.

Payment can be in person or online.

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