Problem Solving Session

Problem Solving Session


Kids, both two-legged and four, see the world in different ways. What a grown up considers problematic is often play to a child or successful attention-getting behavior at the very least!

The very behaviors that make your blood boil are commonplace for dogs!  And if that weren't bad enough!  Any attention, whether negative or positive, encourages a repeat performance.  Fortunately, solutions are easy than you'd think.  Dogs, like children, just want to know what to do.

 That's where I come!  Teaching your dog good manners and rewarding cooperation can turn things around fast.  Sometimes overnight.  This 90 minutes session focuses on your situation, your lifestyle and your dog, helping you to craft solutions that make sense and work for everyone.

 Many clients choose to follow this One-Shot with Private Lessons or 

Payment can be in person or online.

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