Head Start Puppy Program

Your puppy’s brain develops 80% by four months of age!. The pros call it the critical period, and there is no better way to describe it! Inspire a lifetime of love & learning by starting the socialization process early, allowing your puppy to grow into a dog that is comfortable & confident in all situations.

Pre-Puppy Selection or Home Preparation  (90 minutes) – $ 300

Raising a dog is a big responsibility. The time you spend beforehand getting your home and family ready will make a big difference. I will help you make smart choices you need for a home in which your dog wants to live. 

Puppy Consultation (90 minutes) – $ 300

During our initial meeting we'll set up a workable schedule, stage your home for success and work together to teach your puppy some basic manners.   If you live in my area, I am happy to come to you.  If you're outside my reach, consider remote training: positive, calming solutions to all your doggie frustrations, anywhere, anytime! 

Four Lessons Package for Puppies Under Four months – $ 950

The 90 minute Initial Puppy Consultation is a prerequisite for lesson bundles.These four, hour long lessons will condition good manners, socialize and work to ensure quick and happy responses to your basic directions, from Stay to Place and Come.  Each lessons addresses your personal questions too.

Day Training

Love your puppy or dog, but not so fascinated with the training process? Investing in Day Training could be the perfect solution. Fast and effective, this program will teach your new puppy  dog all the lessons he needs to fit in with your lifestyle--nothing more, nothing less.  And since I'm the one doing the training your dog or puppy will learn in weeks what might take you months or even a lifetime!  

3-in-1 Day Training – $ 950

5-in-1 Day Training – $ 1,350

One-on-One Personal Coaching

Dogs can be a lot Like needy toddlers who don't always understand what's expected of them.  Bad behavior is usually just a sign of confusion or mis-communication. The good news?  You can get help. Solutions are easier than you might think.

The 90 minute Initial Consultation is a prerequisite for lessons and lesson bundles. If you live in my area, I am happy to come into your home to coach you and your dog as a team. Focusing on your needs and lifestyle, I'll leave you with tailored directions and video reminders, so you can share what you've learned with the whole family.  Lessons can be scheduled individually or purchased as a discount bundle. 

Initial Consultation (90 minute) – $ 300

Individual Follow-up Lessons (1 hour) – $ 250

Discount Lesson Bundles: 4 Hour-Long Lessons for Dogs of all Ages – $ 950

Remote Sessions

Want to learn with me, but live beyond my reach or can't wait for an appointment? Help is just a phone call away! A phone or Skype session will connect us anywhere, anytime.

Easily arranged and cost effective I offer insightful answers to common behavior problems and training questions. (By phone or Skype.)

• INITIAL 1 Hour Session – $ 150

• 30 Minute FOLLOW-UP SessionS – $ 75

Pre-payment required for phone & Skype lessons.  

Let us know a bit about you. Give us a call or fill out this short, easy form to get started!

Payment can be paid in-person or pre-paid online.

Lessons include videos, e-books, and free subscriptions to Sarah's newsletters

Sarah works in Westchester, Fairfield County and in New York City.