Teaching Dogs, Training People!

Catherine Votkins

Catherine Votkins

If you live in my area, I am happy to come into your home to coach you and your dog as a team. I promise to support you, leaving you with tailored directions and on-the-spot video reminders.  My goal?  To make both your and your dog feel confident, connected and smart!  

When you bring a dog into your life, you need to be equal parts parent, translator and coach. I'll show you how to communicate with your dog — quickly, easily and effectively, without bullying, isolation or harsh corrections. 

I understand dogs; I can help you communicate with yours.  Together we'll teach your dog routines and words so you can communicate your ideas calmly. 



During our first session, I meet with you to offer immediate management solutions to common behavior frustrations.  Together we choose a lesson package that suits your personal goals and needs. 

Do you need just a one-time meeting? Check the sidebar.



We can do follow-up lessons as needed or arrange a discounted lesson package. These 50 minute sessions work with you and your dog as a team to strengthen each lesson in a variety of situations and environments.



Some puppy training and conditioning efforts or advanced training techniques may require follow-up and fine-tuning. You can schedule 50 minute follow-up lessons or schedule monthly or seasonal review to make sure you and your dog live happily ever after. 


Pre-Puppy Consultation

Let me be your guide as you begin your search for the perfect puppy for you and your family. Choosing and raising a puppy is a big responsibility. The time you spend getting ready will make a big difference.

Puppy Consultation

You’ll learn basic routines and problem solving skills. It’s never too early to begin, and the benefits will last a lifetime.

Behavior Improvement Consultation

Whether your issues relate to in-home frustrations like housebreaking, jumping, nipping or excessive barking or to outdoor aggravations like leash pulling, ignoring come, dog aggression or chasing behavior— if your dog is doing it, I can help you address it.

Lesson Packages

My extended one-on-one lesson packages take you and your dog from beginner to expert in a series of fun and informative sessions that build on your growing knowledge. These discounted packages are tailored to you and your dog's specific needs during our initial 90-minute meeting.

  • Puppy Socializing & Lesson Package
  • Rescues & Dogs Basic Package
  • Problem Resolution Package
  • Life Unleashed! (Off-leash control & advanced moves in agility, trick training, early scent detection, & pet therapy)
“I cannot say enough positive things about Sarah Hodgson. She loves every animal – and their owners. She doesn’t “teach” or “preach”. She has fun with you and your dog and in the process both you and the dog learn the tools you need to live together, happily and stress free.”
— Sarah Wise Miller