Life's an Adventure. call your dog and Come Let's Play!

Whether you’re raising a new puppy, integrating a rescue or coping with long-term frustrations, living with a dog can be overwhelming.

The good news? Dog parenting just got a little easier!   You don't need to be a dog trainer to have a well-behaved dog; you just might need to hire one.  

If you're having trouble communicating with your dog or puppy, you're not alone.  Dogs are more like children than other pets, and as any parent knows, children need a lot of consideration and patience-no matter how many legs they stand on!

But I can help. 



Modern Dog parenting

Tails are wagging with anticipation. Why? Because dogs (and the people who love them) are tired of dominant, top-dog training. They are looking for a new kind of pack leader: someone funny, enthusiastic, intuitive, approachable, and, above all, effective. And they’ve found her. 

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Have you ever called your dog “baby?”   If so, you’re not alone—in fact you  are in the majority!  Recent polls show that 81% of the dog loving population considers their dogs family, caring and pampering them like children. And isn’t it about time? 


 Join my Modern Dog Parenting Revolution and let's work together to create a haven for dogs and the people who love them. In this utopian world, a place I call Doglandia, everyone is invited to bring their dog,  and share their stories. 

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 After all, life is an adventure. Call your dog and come, let's play! 

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