TRAINERTeaching Dogs, Training People.

Whether you’re raising a new puppy, integrating a rescue or coping with long-term frustrations, living with a dog can be overwhelming. The good news? Dog parenting just got a little easier!  You don't need to be a dog trainer to have a well-behaved dog; you just might need to hire one. I can help!

Focusing on your personal needs and lifestyle, I'll leave you with tailored directions and video reminders, so you can share what you've learned with the whole family.  Live beyond my reach? Training now available by phone or SKYPE session connecting us anywhere, anytime.

Not sure about hiring a trainer just yet? Whether you need personal coaching, a book, a few good articles or some video tips, you'll find all that and more here.

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SPEAKERTalking Really Gets My Tail Wagging!

As a kid, my nickname was SSSHHHH.  I was verbal.  I was loud.  I was confident.  And I still am!  Speaking to small groups or massive audiences, to kids, parents, professionals, retirees or everyday dog lovers, lecturing always gets my tail wagging!   

Let's work together to  create a dynamic discussion for your audiences!  I’ll engage your listeners and leave them with a new understanding of themselves-- their children, clients, bosses, partners, etc.-- through a lively investigation of the canine world.

At the end of the day?  Dogs and people have a lot in common. Dogs are fun-loving, nonjudgmental and curious! They come in all sizes, colors and personalities types.  Since canine society is a bit less complex than our human one, it's the perfect platform from which to open any discussion!  

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WRITER | Books & Blogs

Growing up in a sport-centric community, I was the clumsy kid who rose to fame as a certifiable "dog magnet."  More interested in playing with dogs than soccer balls I was told again and again “You are way too into dogs!”  Like that was a bad thing!  When I couldn't be with dogs?  I was reading and writing about them!   

Fast-forward a few decades, and you’ll find me doing the same thing!  Choose from one of my 13 books books, read my blogs on line to get both solutions and a fresh look at that beloved dog you adore.  Fortunately teaching your dog or puppy to adapt to your lifestyle doesn't have to be hard or expensive to be affective.  Whether you pick up a book or read a blog you'll have my support every step of the way!  

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Gift Certificate |The Gift That Keeps Giving!

Looking for the perfect present for a dog lover? There is no better gift than that of a well trained dog!

Whether you purchase a one-on-one lesson, phone consultation or a puppy head start session, your receiver & their dog will be ever thankful.

Is your recipient outside New York area? No problem! Skype & phone consultations are also available!  My expertise ranges from pre-adoption to breed selection; home staging to common behavior problems and training questions.

Know any one who's got dog woes or puppy jitters?

I'd be happy to help!